Year-End Review 2014: The Youth Take The LEAD

In 2014 we saw things heat up, from another record year of global warming to tensions heating up in the streets with #BlackLivesMatter protests.  The Millennial generation is beginning to take ownership of their environment, not just Climate Change issues but social and economic justice issues as well. The Millennials are realizing that the generations before them have left the world they will have to grow up in with a lot of unresolved problems. Yet as energized as they are, they are not quite sure if they can literally change the world.  “Fifty-four percent of millennials feel they’ll make a significant contribution to better the environment, while 57% believe they’ll actually worsen the earth’s condition in their lifetimes.”  Read more

Building Sustainability with Social Justice

The four pillars of building community sustainability are economic, ecological, environmental and social justice. You cannot build a long term resilient sustainable community unless you address these areas holistically. What if you have clean air and still #iCantBreathe , today we are witnessing a lot of civil unrest in communities across America because of social injustices, specifically in regards to police brutality.  Read more

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