My hood is Killing Me – The Fight for Environmental Justice

There is a lot of attention today by the Civil Rights Movement on police brutality and the prison industrial complex but their is a more sinister threat in communities of color.  The popular notion is that if we just reduce our carbon footprint by reducing our fossil fuel usage all our problems will be solved. Which is grossly misleading there’re are a myriad of manufacturing and industries that have proliferated communities of color with hazardous and toxic waste plants. From Ferguson, Missouri to “Cancer Alley” an eighty-five-mile stretch of the Mississippi River from Baton Rouge to New Orleans.

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#Selma50 “Why We Can’t Wait”

THE DISCONNECT #Selma50 All the dignitaries and preachers are stuck inside Brown A.M.E Church unable to make it to the March at Edmund Pettus Bridge WHY? as Ambassador Andrew Young told them “this is not suppose to be about preachers trying to out preach each other” as he attempted in vain to hurry along the commemorative program. Some time later the Mayor of Selma informs the packed church “I have to let yall know The March has already started, the people some 80,000 plus have already started and have crossed the bridge (without you all).” Some of the people in the church started to get upset when they realized “they were left out” (while having church) and the Mayor says “where are you all going to go, the area is packed the March has started, we can try and get you to the bridge but all you can do is mingle in with the people because they have started the March” — The people crossed over by themselves for themselves <—- I believe there is a profound message in all this, while Moses was having church, the people decided they did not need leadership for them to WALK and go forth.
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