The Flint Water Crisis: Who is Going To Get Paid?

The visceral reaction to the lead poisoning and the lack of clean water in Flint, Michigan is “How did this happen in America?” and “Who is going to be held responsible” and “We Need Clean Water Now”. I would suggest the question at the top of the list we should be asking is “Who is going to get paid?”. Let me explain why it is the more prescient question.  We know now that the pipes that distribute the water throughout the city of Flint are contaminated with lead. Even if you attempt to put clean treated water through those pipes the result will be contaminated water on the other end that will flow out of the faucets of the citizens of Flint. Read more

Flint Michigan, Don’t Drink the Water or The Kool-Aid

For over a year the state and local government in Michigan has allowed the drinking water in Flint, Michigan to be poisoned. In this same time period we have been drinking the Kool-Aid from elected politicians and leaders that everything was “ok”. Elected politicians entrusted with the well being of the community provided Flint’s citizens with polluted water from the Flint River to cut costs. As a result, the state Department of Environmental Quality had failed to call for corrosion control chemicals to be added to the water, resulting in lead entering the water from pipes. How does this happen in 2016? How does the government just stand by and twiddle their thumbs just as they did when New Orleans was dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  Read more

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