The Death of the Black Community: No Grocery Stores

In Birmingham, Alabama an IBM smarter cities study revealed that 80% of the population was living in a food desert. Out of the 151 square miles of the City of Birmingham, 43 square miles is considered to be a “Food Desert”, where over 88,000 people reside. 83% of the residents impacted are Black and Latino with no access to fresh food.  The USDA considers an area a Food Desert where a person has to travel over a mile to get access to fresh fruits, vegetables, whole foods from supermarkets and farmer’s markets. Birmingham is not an anomaly, all across the country the USDA has identified that communities of color are disproportionately cut off from access to fresh food in a food desert. The data shows that if your community doesn’t have actual real grocery stores not Dollar General stores that don’t stock fresh food, not corner stores that stock unhealthy sugary junk food, but actual major grocery store chains, your community will not attract any other business development. The community will be more than a “food desert” but an economic wasteland.

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