Talking Clean While Riding Dirty: Nissan

As the world talks Climate Change, Green and Better Tomorrows all in the name of clean energy. The truth is Climate Change is more about money than morality. Nissan promotes the Nissan Leaf and other hybrid and electric cars in an effort to “save the planet” BUT what about the people who work in the Canton, Mississippi, U.S. factory? There have been numerous accounts of violations of international labor standards and human rights by Nissan in Mississippi.  So how can you talk Green and Ride Dirty?  Read more

DREAMS AND REALITY: The Costs of Renewable Energy

When I was a child growing up some of the best television commercials were the Disney World ads. Disney sold a dream of this magical reality that waiting for every boy and girl. When I became an adult and took my family to Disney World I realized the reality of how much it cost to live where your “dreams come true”. Everything was amazing but it was amazingly expensive. Everyone realistically cannot afford a disney vacation but we dream about it. So this brings me to the dreams of renewable energy, solar and wind power. All the commercials and print media ads look amazing, our dreams of “Free” energy is here. No more utility bills, and to top it off with this technology we can reduce our carbon footprint and save the planet. So can we really live “off the grid”? Read more

#EarthDay2015 The State of Environmental Stewardship

From the beginning of time man’s first job on this earth was to steward and cultivate it.  God intended for man to take care HIS creation and manage it wisely for the benefit of all.

 Genesis 2:15 The LORD God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it

As we check the landscape, I would summarize that all though we are making strides to better manage our carbon footprint, recycle our waste and tap into solar and wind power. We haven’t  done a good enough job in watching over the earth and it’s environment in every community.  For example we’re five years removed from the BP Oil spill that devastated the environment and ecological systems in the region.  Read more


On the surface I’m supposed to be enjoying the view from my stay at the Westin overlooking the Mississippi River. As I eat my breakfast and prepare for the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice HBCU Climate Change Conference. The first thoughts that pop up in my mind were the tens of thousands of slaves who passed through on this very same passage of the Mississippi River in New Orleans.

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How to get better food choices in a Food Desert

VIDEO: Jenine McKoy of Michigan University discusses “How to get better food options in Food Deserts / Swamps.

Dillard University’s Deep South Center for Environmental Justice in collaboration with the Texas Southern University Barbara Jordan/Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs will hosts  the third annual HBCU Student Climate Change Conference March 26-29, 2015 at Dillard University in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Interview: Dr. Robert Bullard

Dr. Robert Bullard discusses with Djuan Coleon Executive Director of PURE about how should the “Smart Cities” movement integrate “Climate Justice” and “Environmental Justice” to build sustainability for all community stakeholders.


Robert D. Bullard is the Dean of the Barbara Jordan-Mickey Leland School of Public Affairs at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas. He is often described as the father of environmental justice. Professor Bullard received his Ph.D. degree from Iowa State University. He is the author of seventeen books that address sustainable development, environmental racism, urban land use, industrial facility siting, community reinvestment, housing, transportation, climate justice, emergency response, smart growth, and regional equity. Professor Bullard was featured in the July 2007 CNN People You Should Know, Bullard: Green Issue is Black and White. In 2008, Newsweek named him one of 13 Environmental Leaders of the Century. And that same year, Co-op America honored him with its Building Economic Alternatives Award (BEA).


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Listen to the Trees

A message from the trees #actonclimate

President Carter and the Power of the Sun

On this day in 1979 President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House roof. #ActOnClimate

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