#EarthDay2015 The State of Environmental Stewardship

From the beginning of time man’s first job on this earth was to steward and cultivate it.  God intended for man to take care HIS creation and manage it wisely for the benefit of all.

 Genesis 2:15 The LORD God placed the man in the Garden of Eden to tend and watch over it

As we check the landscape, I would summarize that all though we are making strides to better manage our carbon footprint, recycle our waste and tap into solar and wind power. We haven’t  done a good enough job in watching over the earth and it’s environment in every community.  For example we’re five years removed from the BP Oil spill that devastated the environment and ecological systems in the region.  Read more


On the surface I’m supposed to be enjoying the view from my stay at the Westin overlooking the Mississippi River. As I eat my breakfast and prepare for the Deep South Center for Environmental Justice HBCU Climate Change Conference. The first thoughts that pop up in my mind were the tens of thousands of slaves who passed through on this very same passage of the Mississippi River in New Orleans.

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